Crown & bridge



Our talented and experienced laboratory technicians share decades of knowledge, a dedication to continuing education, and a passion for maintaining the highest standard in the industry. Midway through 2015, IDL began milling our wax substructures whenever possible.  As opposed to hand waxing, the integration of this digital advance gives us greater control over marginal integrity while promoting a more seamless and accelerated workflow.  Next time you are touring our lab floor, don’t be surprised to see your usual technician manipulating a mouse in front of a computer monitor instead of a bunsen burner with spatula in hand.  While technology has some great advantages it certainly needs to be managed in a way to get the right results.



  • LVI-trained technicians.
  • Sophisticated comprehension of esthetics.
  • Specialists in complex reconstructive cases.
  • Ceramists typically employ the use of seven or more layers of powder to achieve a more esthetically superior restoration while other laboratory technicians may use as little as three.
  • Microscopes at every bench to ensure best fit and function.
  • Current technology (digital scanners, 3d print, milling etc).
  • Treatment Planning