denture & appliances

Here at Image Dental Laboratory, we create Dentures and Appliances that will make clients proud to smile.  Our technicians work closely with clinicians and gather the right information to make sure these custom prosthetics fit well, function well and get delivered on time, every time!  


Image Dental Laboratory takes great pride in helping all our patients we are privileged to work with smile again.  Utilizing the Ivocap injection system, IDL’s team of trained professionals are immensely skilled at creating impeccable, highly accurate and aesthetic denture designs.

Methyl methacrylate, precision mixed in a capsule is injected into a closed flask where constant pressure is applied during polymerization. This consistent material flow together with decisively applied load ensures material shrinkage is optimally compensated.

The result?  A homogeneous denture base and consistency in fit and aesthetics.

At IDL our in-house chrome framework department works closely with our removables team to ensure an accurate fit, comfort and function in every case.

For patients seeking a light weight, aesthetic, flexible option, it’s not surprising that DuraFlex flexible partials are the premier choice for doctors and patients alike.  Available through your advanced team of professionals at IDL, DuraFlex partials offer:

  • An advanced thermoplastic that is clinically unbreakable
  • An easy to adjust, even easier to polish partial
  • A partial denture that is lightweight, hydrophobic, stain and odor resistant
  • A thin and translucent, partial that virtually disappears in the mouth
  • A flexible partial that offers the option of adding additional teeth as necessary