Good morning,

Like everyone else this morning, I read the latest RCDSO update.  Not too much “new” but perhaps this was a hint that we may be heading back to our work spaces soon.  Let’s hope so.  Saskatchewan is suggesting a return to work for dentists, BC is too.  Fingers crossed.

In the background at IDL we are continuing our quest to source and/or manufacture what we project to be mandated PPE for dental practices.  It’s a delicate balance as we do not want to interrupt any front-line supply yet we need to do what we can to prepare ourselves, our clients and your patients for a return to practice.  As soon as I have specific details as to how or if we can help, I will advise.  In the coming weeks I will be hosting several small Zoom conferences to help our lab understand the struggles you are facing and any concerns you may have.  If you are interested in being included, please drop me an email.

I’ve also included the latest update from HRPAR should this be of interest.

Distanced but very much together,


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