Digital Dental Technology

From intraoral imaging and photography, to radiography and dental 3D printing, digital dental technology has changed the way dental offices and laboratories carry out their treatments and services. Modern, digital-first restorative dentistry solutions have become an integral part of dental treatments across the world.

Here in Ontario, Image Dental Laboratory has made great strides in the adoption of digital dental technology for all our products and services. We have integrated digital advances into milling wax substructures for crowns and bridges. Our team members are always excited about embracing technology that improves control over marginal integrity, while promoting a more seamless and accelerated workflow. We believe that digital dental technology can enhance treatment predictability and help patients visualize the outcome. This in turn could lead to:

  • Quick decision-making related to treatment planning
  • Greater efficiency on chair time
  • Higher trust, comfort and engagement between the clinician and patient.

Kerrie McGowan
Production and Client Services Manager

Crystal McFadden
Crown & Bridge Manager

As a full-service dental laboratory specializing in a variety of dental restorations, digital technology is at the forefront of all our offerings. Our commitment to technology extends to our people, processes and premises.

  • Our state-of-the-art facility at 33 Quarry Ridge in Barrie boasts digital controls for temperature and humidity.
  • We have a range of digital workstations located throughout the lab and work with microscopes and tablets on every bench.
  • We regularly attend trade shows, industry events, and symposiums worldwide to keep up with the advances in digital dental technology.
  • Our technicians utilize all the amazing process technologies related to 3D printing milling, digital impression scanning and IVOCLAR based denture designing.

However, while technology has some great advantages, it certainly needs to be managed the right way to get the desired results. Hence, we continue to hand finish each product for maintaining the highest quality and standards possible.

Partner with IDL for Digitally-Enabled Restorative Dental Products and Services

At IDL, we continue to embrace ever-evolving digital dental technology and ensure a seamless transition for fabricating all types of dental prosthesis. Ultimately, for us it is about designing and delivering restorations that fit accurately, look beautiful, reach you on time and build a valuable partnership for serving your patients’ restorative requirements.

Contact us to learn how digital dental technology can lead to enhanced dental restoration experiences for your patients.