Aesthetic Crown and Bridge Solutions

At Image Dental Laboratory (IDL), we have deep knowledge in complex, reconstructive dentistry and a sophisticated comprehension of esthetics. Our talented and experienced laboratory technicians offer specialized dental crown and bridge solutions as well as treatment planning assistance to dental clinicians throughout Ontario. We offer inlays, onlays, custom staining, dental implants (link to the dental implants page), shade selection, all ceramic, porcelain fused to metal, as well as semi-precious or precious full gold crowns.

Crown & Bridge Manager

Crown & Bridge Bench Supervisor

IDLContinuously Embraces Evolving Digital Dental Technology

At IDL, our goal is to reduce your chair time and increase patient satisfaction levels through quality dental restoration products and unparalleled service. We manufacture crowns and bridges from standard and digital impressions. Keeping up with technological advances, midway through 2015 IDL began milling our wax substructures whenever possible. As opposed to hand waxing, the integration of this digital method gives us greater control over the integrity of the product, while ensuring more seamless and accelerated deliveries.

Anais Caughlin

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers Made with Utmost Care and Precision

Offering the best possible dental restoration products entails precision design, quality materials, and flawless production. If you tour our lab floor, you will see focused technicians toggling complex digital impressions on a computer screen, instead of handling bunsen burners and spatulas. Our ceramists employ the use of seven or more layers of powder to achieve a more esthetically superior restoration while other laboratory technicians may use as little as three. Let IDL help you create impressive smiles that last forever. Use our dental crowns, porcelain veneers and dental bridge restorations and secure the trust and loyalty of your patients for years to come.

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