Dental Implant Solutions

Dental implants are one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing methods of making up for missing teeth. Not only do they offer the feel and function of natural teeth, but with proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime and reduce the cost of future dental treatments. Dental implant solutions can also help with the restoration of the patient’s jawbone structure and preservation of the natural tooth tissue, while minimizing bone deterioration and reducing the load on the remaining natural teeth.Given all these benefits, your patients may have high expectations from their dental implant solutions. An accurate fit and aesthetic appeal will help restore their confidence and put a healthy and beautiful smile back on their faces.

At IDL, we serve the dental implant requirements of dental clinics and professionals throughout Ontario. Our proven methods along with a focus on fit, finish, delivery and experience, makes us one of the most reliable custom dental implant providers in the province.

  • Implant Types: Our team of skilled and experienced technicians service a diverse range of dental implant systems. Whether you need  fixed implant crowns, radiographic stents, abutments, implant overdentures, hybrid restorations, or support for an all on four, we can deliver.
  • Implant Brands: From Nobel Biocare, Straumann®, and Zimmer , to Biomet 3i, Astra & more, our modern, full-service lab can support to any type of custom dental implant requirement.
  • Treatment and Case Planning: In addition to an array of dental implant systems, our knowledgeable professionals offer specialized case planning assistance for complex reconstructions, including implant component selection. We are passionate about continuing education initiatives and keep ourselves abreast on the latest in digital dental technology as well as other advanced dental repairs and restorations. Our commitment to sharing this knowledge makes us an ideal partner for top-notch restorative solutions and treatment plans.

Count on IDLfor the Best Dental Implant Solutions in Ontario

As a full-service dental laboratory offering a comprehensive range of restorations, we know that most thriving dental practices rely on dental implants as one of their most profitable dental services. However, the success of your practice also depends on the quality of the products and materials that you use.

Partnering with IDLgives you:

  • Access to some of the best implant solutions in dental.
  • Competitive prices, combined with expert assistance on case planning.
  • Quality materials, excellent fit, flawless finishes, and on-time delivery of products that lead to a positive restorative experience for both you and your patient.

Explore how IDL can help you provide best-in-class restorative dental care and treatments to your patients while optimizing the profitability of your practice.

We welcome all enquiries, from simple to complex cases. Contact us to learn more about our dental implant solutions in Ontario.