Vast Array of Restorative Dental Services

Our talented and experienced laboratory technicians share decades of knowledge, a dedication to continuing education, and a passion for maintaining the highest standards of restorative dental products and services in the industry. We can assist you with solutions for fixed or removable restorations, orthodontic appliances or even treatment planning and support.

From custom staining and shade selection, to denture repairs and systematic treatment planning, we offer a variety of services under one roof.  Here is a quick look at the details:

img bridge

Crown & Bridge

Made from the finest materials available today, our crowns and bridges feature sophisticated esthetics and superior durability. Our ceramists use digital scanning, 3D printing technology, milling of the wax substructures, and employ seven or more layers of powders to build a beautiful crown. Call us at the lab to learn more about our crown and bridge services.

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Our implant department has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the various implant systems on the market. We have built a support team to ensure that you can discuss and treatment plan for your patients needs while ensuring you have the most support to have a successful outcome. Please contact us to learn more about our implant support team.

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Digital Dental Technology

Digital dentistry is all about enabling patients to visualise their new smile before treatment begins. Our treatment plan coordinators work closely with the dental offices to design a prescribed treatment plan along with life like designs and full-color, high resolution images of the cosmetic outcomes that are clinically achievable.

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Denture & Appliances

IDLs in-house chrome framework team works closely with the removables team to ensure accurate fit, function and comfort for every case. We take great pride in helping our clinicians to restore beautiful smiles for their patients. Our team of trained professionals is immensely skilled at creating impeccable denture cases. Please call the lab and schedule an in person or virtual appointment to see how technology is changing the removable world of dentistry.

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Clear Aligners

Intended for 22 hour per day wear before advancing to subsequent stages of alignment every two weeks, IDaLigners will gradually and gently correct positioning over a period of months not years.

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Your Partners in Excellence Since 1967

Offering function, as well as aesthetic appeal, implants have become a mainstay in contemporary dental practices. At IDL, we use proven methods and best-in-class materials to ensure optimal fit of implant restorations along with expert case selection for long term stability. Our custom implant abutments have several unique features that you may not find elsewhere.

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After years of rigorous testing, our registered dental technologist (R.D.T.s) have selected the products and key systems that have proven clinical success rates and positive treatment outcomes. These include:

Denture Repairs

  • Same day repairs possible in most cases

Custom Staining

  • Conducted by one of IDL’s senior level R.D.T.s
  • Procedure requires approximately 1 hour
  • By appointment only

Shades Selection

  • Conducted by one of IDL’s senior level R.D.T.s
  • Procedure requires approximately 15 minutes
  • By appointment only

Treatment Planning

  • LVI-trained technicians and department supervisors work closely with doctors to create optimal treatment plans
  • Experts in implants, restorative and esthetic dental solutions
  • Specialize in complex reconstructive cases
  • Implant component selection assistance
  • In-office technical support