Clear Aligners

Intended for 22 hour per day wear before advancing to subsequent stages of alignment every two weeks, IDaLigners will gradually and gently correct positioning over a period of months not years.

IDaLigner benefits

Our third party Ortho Design team, with 15+ years of Orthodontic experience are easy to communicate with virtually and within days will provide you with:

  • A PDF of your treatment plan
  • An animated digital file to summarize the planned tooth movements from beginning to end of treatment
  • A 3D visualization tool to help your patients understand what to expect
  • An opportunity to accept or re-design


  • Superior accuracy
  • Repeatable results
  • Smooth surface finish for a comfortable feel
  • Affordable pricing to encourage case acceptance

Are you ready to offer IDaLigners?

  • Avoid the communication and timeline frustrations associated with aligner “factories”
  • Look forward to faster turn-around time
  • Prepare to compete with the “Direct to Consumer” aligner providers
  • Trust in our conservative movement philosophy
  • Anterior Esthetic Movements (5 to 5 only)
    • Crowding
    • Minor Midline Shift
    • Spacing
    • Mild Deep Bite

IDaLigners provide a gentle orthodontic movement system for the cosmetic correction of misaligned teeth. A series of progressive, clear, comfortable aligners are hand-crafted in our lab based on a plan designed by our outsourced orthodontic design team and approved by you.

Case Selection

While case selection is critical to successful treatment, many types of tooth movements are possible with IDaLigners. An ideal DaLigner case would involve moderate alignment and/or rotations. Available space, retention, anchorage and patient compliance are all equally important in achieving the desired result.

The IDaLigner Package:

The IDaLigners treatment package comes complete with:

  • Care and Cleaning Guide
  • Cleaning and Storage Kit
  • Insertion Chewies and Removal tool
  • Sample Cleaning Tablets
  • Composite Attachment Guide
  • Complimentary retainer or lingual wire
  • Only $149 planning fee
  • All-Inclusive pricing of $49 per aligner per arch (1 to 15 aligners per arch) (16-20: $42 per aligner per arch)

Refinement Add-Ons:

IDSecure: $199 Should additional post-treatment alignment be necessary, IDSecure is the security you need when purchased at the beginning of treatment. This “insurance” will afford up to an additional 5 upper and 5 lower aligners for up to 12 months after the start of treatment. *IDSecure is contingent upon patient compliance and their adherence to treatment protocols.
IDAfter Care: $99 Two additional upper and lower retainers (when model is provided)