Hi everyone,

I’ve never felt this way before. With the long-weekend behind me, it’s good to be back at work. Except there is not much work to do. All of my long weekend projects are complete – windows cleaned, lawn thatched, hedges trimmed and now I find myself scratching around trying to find some meaningful lab work to fill my days.

The Easter weekend (though different) was as nice as ever. As a family we made a concerted effort to limit our consumption of social media and news over the three days. We gave our minds a rest, trusted in our isolation and in the spirit of the season we gave ourselves over to hope. We filled our days with euchre, paints, music and baking and remembered that not too long ago we could only dream of a weekend with nothing to do except enjoy the gift of uninterrupted family and peace. Someone told me recently to stop looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and just enjoy the tunnel. So we did and I hope you did too.

On Friday, our friends at HRPar provided another FastFacts bulletin that I have attached for your reference. I hope you find these as useful as we do. Holding fast to the recommendations of our (and your) governing bodies, Image remains closed except for emergencies and the shields we are producing. When attending the lab (one person at a time) we have a very strict safety protocol in place for our employees. Now entering the fourth week of shutdown, we are starting to see a few real emergencies – as expected. If you encounter any of these in your practice be sure to let us know as we will open the doors for your cases when necessary.

Finally, on top of all the bread and cookies, I have been eating webinars, zoom meetings and conference calls daily. I enjoy them because they satisfy my need to feel connected with what’s happening in my industry, with my friends and my colleagues. Dental Community Resource has a particularly valuable meeting each Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. At each one I have joined thus far they have enjoyed well over 100 dentists attending who share their ideas and pose questions that require thoughtful consideration at a time like this. You must register in advance at the link provided below:…/1FAIpQLSdXwagUdCWFoqSrAe…/viewform

After registering you will receive an email invitation. Hope to “see” you there!

To those of you who have been forwarding emails, articles, goodwill stories and encouragement, thank you. We share them with our team and we all appreciate hearing from you. Closing another message with “stay safe” seems kind of hollow at this point in our journey. Let’s try this instead… be well. We miss you.


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